Planning out your social media schedule can help you develop your brand story and connect content dots you may have not realised were even there before.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to have a social content plan:

  1.       Saves you time and keeps you organised
  2.       Promotes/maintains audience engagement
  3.       Keep on top of the dates that matter
  4.       Informs your social media advertising plan
  5.       Ability to track your performance i.e. understand what works and what doesn’t


Connecting your social media activity to your marketing goals one way or another will keep your campaigns in good stead for success. The content planning process is what connects the big picture documents to the day-to-day marketing work you do. 

Let me break it down for you:

Individual social media post = not important on its own

All of your social media posts = determines if your strategy will sink or swim. Succumb or succeed. Crash out or Cash in. You get the picture.

I think we can all agree that creating content in advance is a much more efficient way than trying to come up with posts on the fly (especially if you are using multiple platforms). If you’re creating batches of content in advance it most likely means you’re taking the time to create meaningful content that your viewers will relate/engage/interact with. #realtalk

Like our Founder always says “Prior planning prevents p!$$ poor performance” (say that twice!)

Okay, enough chit chat here are some helpful things that you can implement when creating a content plan:

  • Review what type of content you have access to or can create.

Curate your plan to accommodate for the amount of content you have in your hot little hands or ensure you have time to create posts using graphic software like Canva.

  • Research your industry and competitors.

Search on Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to find out where your worthy rivals are and the type of content they’re producing. In addition to this research can inform you of the content your audience is engaging with.

  • Make sure your content is relevant.

One of the advantages to creating your content in advance is you are able to make it relevant and thought provoking but also ensure the post is timely. For instance, if there is an event or celebratory holiday like National Name Your Car Day (It’s October 2nd in case you were wondering) you can plan for it.

  • Keep it simple in the beginning

Analyse what’s working, compile ideas and then implement them. Although this seems like an unnecessary step it is very easy to go straight in and assume what your audience wants to see but it’s just that, an assumption. It’s best to post a few different posts out and see what sticks and calibrate from there… work smarter not harder.

  • Content plans are “living” documents.

Okay at this point you probably think I am crazy but hear me out. Content plans are made to ebb and flow with changes due to trends, business objectives and of course the needs of your audience. I can understand that changing objectives and altering content can be challenging at times but it is essential in order to remain relevant. As long as when you make such changes they still speak to your customer avatar/s (aka: customer persona) then your posts can maintain engagement.

If you have come this far you are now ready to learn the 4 key elements to create a winning content plan and its not earth, wind, fire, water.

  1.       Marketing Strategy

This will be individualised for each business. A marketing strategy is essential as it will align your business goals, work out the objectives and strategies required to reach the goal and capitalise on emerging trends. OMG Digital can help you with your marketing strategy and offers four fantastic packages to suit all needs – contact us here.

  1.       Content Calendar

This can be easily created and if you have multiple team members needing to access and work on the document use a shared system like Google Docs. If you can’t be bothered creating one there are a gazillion different templates online. Find one that suits your business.

  1.       Post Frequency

Again this will be individualised for each business but you can utilise data and analytics from the reporting section of each social platform like Meta Business Suite (Facebook). From here you can view things like when your audience is most active (day/time) to make your informed decision.

  1.       Content Mix

No need to reinvent the wheel. We have seen many successful social posts contain a mix of original and curated content. As long as it is relevant, related to one of your customer avatars and connected to a business goal then you’re sweet. What I know to be true is that humans are nosey, which means content with real customers/products in social posts do very well (e.g. memes and free stuff (like a downloadable resource).


OMG Digital is here to help! We are experts in social media strategies and creation as well as many other areas of marketing. Our team is dedicated to help you find the right channels to connect with your customers. We work collaboratively with like-minded small and medium-sized businesses to drive engagement and sales. If you want or need help contact us here.