Your exclusive wrap up from Traffic & Conversion 2018

We just got back from Digital Marketer’s biggest Traffic & Conversion Summit yet. A record 6,500 marketers, small business people and agencies came this year and the word on the street was “CRAP”.

CRAP everything has changed! The future of marketing is here and we’ve got some work to do to keep up.

But everything is going to be okay because we have the secret sauce for success.

Conversations + Community + Customers

So in the spirit of conversation, here’s a quick video from me on what it all means and what we learned from the US.

There were some big “aha” moments at the conference and TCS2018 is always worth the trip! To access tickets for 2018, the recordings from this year and more, visit TCS2018 deals

I’ll also be sending you some more of our top tips from TCS2018 over the next couple of days including some highlights from Molly Pittman and Lindsay Marder.

Don’t forget we have Molly and Lindsay coming out in April. Their TCS2018 presentations were very popular so we’re excited to have them in Brisbane for a one-day hands-on workshop on April 20th, to help you get more traffic and manage your content.

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Molly and Lindsay’s  Brisbane Workshop


We have so much more information we want to share with our community so over the next few days you will see us in your inbox with some more announcements around events and training we are delivering in Australia and NZ. We are on a mission to help grow SME’s and we believe that the implementation of the right digital marketing strategies is key to achieving this.Hope you have a great week,


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