Check out this snippet from Molly Pittman’s live presentation at #TCS2018.

Why use Facebook Messenger to generate leads and sales?


Molly says email is not dead but it’s really crowded.  Messenger really is the new opportunity to talk to your customers and it also gives you the chance to have a real conversation.

But how do we do it? 

Molly has created a free online video training course with ManyChat, one of the biggest providers of automation and chatbot integration for Facebook Messenger.


We strongly recommend you have a crack at this training and then bring your questions and problems to our Content & Traffic event with Molly in Brisbane on April 20th


Want more reasons why instant chat is important for your business? Have a look at this interesting graph from Business Insider

Messaging App Growth


Have you noticed that your phone doesn’t ring – it pings? That your emails get ignored but your text messages nearly always get a response?

We are fundamentally changing the way we communicate and so are our customers.

Instant messaging has been around for 20 years but, thanks to Facebook, it has gained unprecedented momentum as the communication channel of choice.

Messenger is easy, fast and no opt-in is required. Which is why it has become the perfect place for customers to start conversations with businesses and vice versa.

Messenger and instant Chatbots were a huge focus for the recent Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diago. How to use them and how to set them up.

We’ve got one of the experts, Molly Pittman coming in April to give us some hands-on training but there are only limited seats!