When things in our comfort zone change, we often panic and instinctively reject it. In the world of marketing – and digital marketing in particular – this could not be more true. 

Think about the industry even 12 months ago; it is miles away from what digital marketing is now.

So how do you keep up with this ever-changing environment? Learn how to adapt and try to stay informed. 


Key Themes:
  • Gain the attention of your ideal customers to then get onto your email database & use Instagram stories to nurture them.   
  • Sell sell sell doesn’t work like it used to
  • UGC is king
  • Be the brand, rather than sell the product
  • People are quick to see selling and reject it, especially on platforms like TikTok
  • Showcase the product’s value, rather than simply selling an item
  • Advertise more creatively, using storytelling and physical proof
  • More than just testimonials, advertising must work in real-time


Here are a few things to think about when it comes to the new way of marketing in 2024 and beyond:



It’s not all about the product or the service. And more than that, it’s not all about you!

When it comes to product hooks and information, it’s about the benefits, not the features. See this perfect example from the release of the iPod:

When talking about you, or your business, it’s all about empathy and authority.

Imagine you’re at the gym and someone comes up to you and says, “I’m really buff because I used this protein powder, you should buy it so you can be buff too. On sale now”.

Would you buy it? Probably not.

What if, however, they positioned it in a way that was guiding?

E.g. “Hey, I noticed you’re doing weights. Is that for strength? I was once the size you were, looking to grow muscle, and I found that this protein powder was a game-changer for me. Check it out and try it for yourself!”

Chalk and cheese right?

By positioning yourself as the guide with empathy and authority, rather than the hero with a product, you’re able to make heroes out of your customers. And who doesn’t want to be a hero in their own story?


2. UGC is KING 👑

User-Generated Content (UGC) is the new hero content type. The reason why? It not only humanises but relates a business to its potential clientele.

On social media platforms such as TikTok (especially), anything seen as ‘non-native’ by the platform’s algorithm and its users is consistently rejected or scrolled past. We have been conditioned (both in a nature and nurture setting) to reject things that look like stark, cold selling.

Moreso now than ever, using influencers, brand ambassadors or just video testimonials to showcase HOW a product works, WHY it works and WHO needs it, serves far more value than simply posting a picture of a product.

Simply “being the best” is not good enough anymore. Everyone expects that your product is a leading offering in its field, so they want to know what your points of difference are, and using UGC to get that message across is key!


3. BE the BRAND, rather than SELL the THING ⏩

Ever received an email from a business with a sign off from the company itself (or worse, no sign off at all)?

Well compare that with the last time you received an email from “John from BestBiz”. Suddenly you’re being reached out to from John himself, rather than some automated business email address.

We all know that it isn’t quite as personal as that, but you get the idea. 

The more that you can personify your brand through communications across email and social media, the more personable and appealing your business will become!

The quickest way to lose authority, trust and personability is to to focus so much on selling the THING, rather than the story of the customer’s pain points and key objections.

By being the brand, and in turn becoming the customer’s guide, your positioning becomes FAR more appealing to everyone, especially cold traffic that you’re trying to acquire.

So where to from here? OMG Digital is here to help! 

We are experts in social media and email strategies/creation as well as many other areas of marketing. Our team is dedicated to help you find the right channels to connect with your customers. We work collaboratively with like-minded small and medium-sized businesses to drive engagement and sales. 

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