In 2018, for any business having an online presence could be the difference that could make or break your business. Jeff Mask has created a technology called JJUMPP, this technology allows businesses to control and grow their business through social media, reviews and listings all in one place.

In this phone interview, Sonya Keenan talks to Jeff Mask about how he lives for entrepreneurs and small business success and leveraging the right technology and platforms to empower entrepreneurs, and that is exactly what JJUMPP does.

Jeff is passionate about the problem that JJUMPP solves for entrepreneurs and business owners, so they don’t pull their hair out and stress, so they can enjoy what they do, they can sleep at night and can have a life.

JJUMPP is now only 18 months, it was a new startup business for Jeff but has grown significantly over this time. Jeff credits this growth to the technology because JJUMPP is a product that works and serves businesses.

JJUMPP‘s purpose literally is to empower small business, help grow online presence through social media, reviews and listing all in one place. The Technology was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to give you just what you need when you need it, instead of confusing you with unnecessary software and leaving you a prisoner to your business.

Jeff Mask will be presenting at Digital Marketer Down Under in August on the Gold Coast. Jeff shares with us the four strategic steps to help solve your business problems, The “Why?”, the “What?”, the “How?” and the “Where?”

Jeff’s Advice

Be ready to take massive action and have a ton of fun!
Jeff wants to help you grow business, so you can enjoy your life and find the right opportunities to make it easier for you.

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