In 2006, whilst working in a full-time job, James Schramko wrote this in a notebook: MY GOALS … create automated income so that I am independently wealthy and enjoy my life passionately. Within three years, he’d built his own business and achieved those goals.

In this interview with James Schramko, Sonya Keenan comments how James’ business is changing the lives of business people all around the world and focuses on the fact “Is your business working for you or are you working for your business?”

One quote from James’ book that has stuck in Sonya’s mind is

“success isn’t being at the beach with your laptop, success is being at the beach with your surfboard.”

James shares that the last job that james quit was 10 years ago. James was a general manager at a Mercedes Benz dealership. The last 2 years of that job he was building his own business on the side. 10 years later and James now coaches other people in building their businesses.

James will be a special guest and speaker at the Digital Marketer Down Under conference on the Gold Coast, 10th and 11th of August 2018. In the interview, James explains in his presentation he will be detailing what strategies other successful digital marketers are doing at the moment and a helping you create a map of how you can do it in your business.

James’ Advice

Coming to the event you must focus on your offer and whether or not it converts. Forget about the shop, signage, business cards, forget about that and focus on making a sale.

If you have a brick and mortar business you have to embrace digital marketing or you’re toast.

Have a clear agenda that you…
A.) Definitely what to understand what is going on with digital marketing.
B.) Want to find the right people who can help you get there, rather than having to figure all this stuff out yourself.

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