I was honoured to be a special guest on the Digital Marketer Perpetual Traffic Podcast with Molly Pittman, Keith Krance and Ralph Burns.

On this episode, we were talking about one of the biggest barriers to success in business, which is also a personal passion of mine – implementation paralysis.

Marketing has not changed: The way we deliver it has, but the basics are still the same. The online marketing community is overloaded with information and advice.

So I’ve developed a spreadsheet to help you cut through the overload and get stuff done.


You can use this spreadsheet to focus on your business goals and not be distracted by all the noise.

How effective is it? I took a single client’s business from 6,000 subscribers to 20,000 just by focusing on their business goals.

Find out more by listening to the Perpetual Traffic Podcast:


  • Half-Ass is better than No Ass
  • No one starts a business because they are good at digital marketing (unless you’re Molly Pittman!)
  • You cannot automate everything about your business: people are still very important
  • Why creating a “Symptoms Quiz” will identify your customers’ pain point
  • Keep it simple and get momentum
  • If you can’t afford a coach, find someone who will hold you accountable

Want to meet Molly Pittman, Ralph Burns and myself in person?

Come to our 2-day conference on the Gold Coast,  Digital Marketer Down Under. 23-24 August 2019.

See you there!

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