I love Digital Marketer’s Perpetual Traffic Podcast.

Molly and Ralph deliver so much value and information each week. It is a resource that is idea for anyone who is a student of Digital Marketing.

Below are two new episodes that Molly and Ralph recently recorded on the results that Molly is seeing from the recent campaigns she created for some of her clients….. If you haven’t listened to these “do yourself a favour” and grab your headphones, coffee and set back and learn from the masters….

How Facebook’s Ad Delivery System Works

An understanding of how Facebook’s ad delivery system works is essential to mastering the platform.

In this episode, Ralph and Molly explain that Facebook is an auction and surprisingly, the advertiser who is willing to pay the most doesn’t always win. Here’s an in-depth explanation of how to win both the Facebook auction and the customer’s attention.


Episode 190 & 191 : How Facebook’s Ad Delivery System Works: Part 1 & 2

  • How the Facebook’s Ad Auction works
  • How Facebook uses their Pacing Feature to get you the best results for your ad goals
  • The 3 factors that make up the total value of your Facebook ad—bidding, estimated action rate, and user value
  • Native ads—ads that fit in with the Facebook newsfeed—currently have the highest social proof
  • Molly breaks down the “Offer” Facebook ad strategy she uses to promote a docu-series and how she’s received 10,000+ shares and 22,000+ reactions on the ads
  • Molly talks about the “Conversation” Facebook ad strategy and how it can help you writes ads that create conversations and increase the social proof through user comments on the ad
  • Molly explains the “Tell A Story” strategy that she and Ezra Firestone use and why it has a high share-to-comment ratio

 Podcast Part 1 

 Podcast Part 2

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