Less than 40% of businesses have digitised their businesses. This is still a huge competitive advantage for SME’s as large corporation’s structures are still rigid and unable to embrace the opportunities for Marketing, Promotion, Productivity, People management and Data…. If you own a Small business you need to get ahead of the wave and be a

If you own a Small business you need to get ahead of the wave and be a leader not a follower. Businesses like Uber, Airbnb and Dropbox where disruptors of the “Norm” the next wave will come after the existing business and will offer the big end of town the opportunities to “disrupt” small niches…. Now is the time to act.

Need more convincing?

Then it’s time to read some more. Check out this great article from Jacques Bughin, Laura LaBerge, and Anette Mellbye at Mckinsey.com

The McKinsey Team said

“Bold, tightly integrated digital strategies will be the biggest differentiator between companies that win and companies that don’t, and the biggest payouts will go to those that initiate digital disruptions.”

“Improving the ROI of digital investments requires precise targeting along the dimensions where digitization is proceeding. Digital has widely expanded the number of available investment options, and simply spreading the same amount of resources across them is a losing proposition.”


Following on from that article, Panera Bread is a great example of a business building on market needs and using technology to connect with their customers…. It is this industry leadership that makes it a valuable asset to any food business struggling to transition into an age when the customer demands information. The food industry is full of examples technology driving growth in sales and profits. Another great example is Domino’s . How are you using technology to drive your business?

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