Did you know Google will start deleting inactive Gmail accounts from December this year? As a digital marketing agency, this highlights the importance of maintaining a thorough inventory on any subscriptions and shared network email accounts. Particularly in this case, those using Gmail accounts.  

Google believe this change is aimed at improving security and to reduce the amount of stored data. Inactive accounts can be vulnerable to hacking and phishing. They also take up unnecessary space on Google’s servers.

Are you certain you will not fall into this category? If you haven’t logged into any of your Gmail accounts for over a two-year period, Google will be permanently deleting these, along with any and all linked data. 

If you are a small business owner, it is crucial to keep your Gmail accounts active and up to date. Here are a few simple steps you can take to prevent any of your accounts being deleted:

  • You must keep any Gmail accounts active. Make diary entries to log into these accounts at least once every two years or send out a handful of emails. These are the easiest ways to keep them active.
  • The more that your Gmail accounts are used, the less likely they will be considered dormant. Start using your Gmail accounts for business related activities.   
  • Set up a forwarding rule. If you know you’ll be away from your computer for a while, you can set up a rule to forward your incoming emails to another address. This will keep your account active, even if you’re not actively logging in.

If you are unable to locate your Gmail account and concerned it may have been deleted, you can always check the Google Account Recovery page. You will be asked to provide additional information such as a username, password, and recovery email address. Bear in mind, this Google clean-up will only target private Gmail accounts. If you are registered as a business or organisation, you should not be affected.  

Here are a few more tips to help businesses keep their Gmail accounts active:

  • Use your Gmail account to communicate with your customers and clients. It’ll help you stay connected with your audience and keep your account active.
  • Utilise your Gmail account to manage your business. You can send invoices, track orders, and communicate with your employees, all within Gmail.
  • Leverage your Gmail account to promote your business. Send marketing emails, announce new products or services, and connect with potential customers using Gmail.
  • By following these tips, you can ensure that your Gmail account remains active and avoid the risk of it being deleted by Google.

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