Google SGE, also known as Search Generative Experience, is a new feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that is currently being tested. SGE uses smart AI to give users more detailed and helpful search results. This includes things like code snippets, answer boxes, and even interactive visuals.

SGE can have a big impact on SEO and website traffic for small businesses. First, it may lead to fewer clicks on organic search results. This is because SGE often gives users the information they need without them needing to click on a link.

SGE can also change how small businesses optimise their websites for search engines. In the past, SEO focused on creating content that matches specific keywords. However, with SGE, it’s more important to create content that is informative and interesting.

Here are some tips for optimising your small business website for SGE:

  • Create high-quality content that is informative and interesting.
  • Use clear and simple language.
  • Organise your content in a logical way.
  • Include images, videos, and other media to break up your text.
  • Make sure your website works well on mobile devices.

It’s still too early to know exactly how SGE will impact SEO and website traffic in the long run. We can see that this new AI-powered feature has the potential to change how we search for and find information online.

Here are some additional thoughts on how SGE will affect SEO:

  • SGE will favour websites that provide good, informative content. If you focus on creating quality content, your website is more likely to rank well in SGE results.
  • SGE will penalise websites that use tricks like stuffing their content with too many keywords or using other unfair SEO techniques. SGE can identify these websites and won’t give them high rankings.
  • SGE will make it more important for small businesses to have a strong presence on social media. SGE will consider social media signals to determine how popular a website is.

Overall, SGE brings significant changes to SEO. It rewards websites that offer quality content and penalises those who try to cheat the system. Therefore, small business owners should concentrate on creating good content and building a strong social media presence.

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