Like you, I’ve struggled with facebook ads and thought they were best managed by a professional. But recently I attended a sold-out workshop with online traffic guru Molly Pittman and discovered you don’t have to be a pro, to run ads like a pro!



Molly also hosts ‘Perpetual Traffic‘ podcast which is a must to check out.

Molly has personally spent over $8 million on paid traffic channels like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

In the one day workshop I attended, she clearly outlined how to build and scale a complete traffic system for business.

My family business had always outsourced Digital Marketing but we were tired of spending money with agencies who didn’t understand our needs. So I recently decided that I needed to take responsibility for the marketing success of our business.

As a ‘newbie’ I doubted my capability as a digital marketer. I have read blogs, listened to podcasts and subscribed to every email list but taken NO action.

Molly Pitmans helped me build a Facebook Ads campaign I am proud of.

Keep it simple! To run a successful Facebook Ad campaign you need to know:

  • How to write a successful ad copy
  • Understand Facebook objectives
  • Target the right audience
  • Boost social proof

How I fast-tracked my Digital Marketing Strategy

I have researched so many tools and strategies on Digital Marketing that I was confused and didn’t know where to start. With the knowledge I had gained on Facebook Ads at Molly Pitman’s workshop and using Molly’s Traffic Planning Canvas, I turned it into actionable content the very next day. I wrote the ad copies, researched the target market and STARTED.

Digital Marketing is not a mystery.

Molly explained that online consumer behaviour works in the same way as a real store.

It looks like this…



Why would you enter your local bookstore?

I love reading books and buying all sorts of books!

There are a few ways that I will do this:

  1. I am walking down the street on the way to the doctors and I walk past a bookshop. There are new displays in the window, and I go in and have a quick look. I don’t have time to make a decision and leave without buying anything.
  2. I am walking down the street after kids sport on Saturday and I see the bookstore is open. I browse for half an hour and buy.
  3. I wanted a particular book for my friend’s birthday, so I researched where I could buy it (google), found out that it was stocked in my local bookstore and went in and made the purchase.
  4. I am going on holidays and remembered the new release displayed in the window, so I go into the store and buy (no electronic devices on the beach!!)
  5. The school holidays are here and I my boys off their screens. I remember they have a great range of young adult novels, so I go back and purchase two more.
  6. My Aunty is staying with me for the weekend and she loves books as much as I do. So, I take her for a coffee and… yes, to the local bookstore.

A similar customer journey happens online.

If you understand why they’re visiting, and where they’re coming from…
you can automate the sales process with multiple traffic campaigns!


Molly Pittman

How to take the Headache out Traffic Planning

Similar to walking into the bookstore, draw from your experience and map out a traffic plan for your business.

Don’t suffer from information paralysis like me. Get started by using a framework to guide you, such as Molly’s ‘Traffic System Planning Canvas’.

Over the last few years, we have paid thousands of dollars a month to an agency who was not delivering what we expected out of Facebook advertising: solid leads. I am now monitoring the metrics of the campaign I initiated.

No more wandering around in digital ‘Wallyworld’. Here goes!

Note: If you missed the sold-out event with Molly Pittman in Brisbane, she is coming back with other Digital Marketing experts to the DMDU Connect Event 23 – 24 August on the Gold Coast.

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