Facebook Ads Case Study By Molly Pittman

This case study is interesting because it uses Campaign Budget Optimization, a newer FB feature which allows you to set your budget at the campaign level instead of at the ad set level. CBO is going to be extremely important in 2019 because, by September of this year, it will be the default (and only) option for Facebook campaigns.

The good news is that CBO is great for scaling! That’s because it automatically shifts budget to the ad sets that are producing the lowest cost per result at   the highest volume instead of requiring you to manually optimize the budgets at the ad set level.

In this case study, I ran traffic to a free docu-series funnel in the Christian  market. The goal was to generate as many leads as possible in 11 days at under $1.30 a lead.

We were able to generate 40,892 leads @ $1.21 apiece… so this was definitely a win! Learn how Molly did it in the case study below:

Download full Case Study below