A Beginner’s Guide for Small Business

As small business owners you know the importance of a digital presence to connect with customers. But maintaining a website and some social media properties are no longer sufficient tools to reach and engage new audiences, bring them to your site and then convert them into loyal customers. With so much information available on how to drive traffic to your website, how do small businesses make sense of all the options and create simple, effective digital strategies?

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Firstly – Get the basics right.

Ensure your website is:
• Designed to target the audience and their needs
• Attractive and brand reflective
• Easy to navigate
• Current and entertaining
• Mobile friendly and responsive
• Able to capture customer information and pass it onto your CRM system
• Set up to monitor sales and conversions by using pixels and/or google tags

Don’t waste time and resources on traffic driving initiatives without mastering the basics. Speak to your web developer; ask family, friends and loyal customers what they think of your site and where you might improve.

Build a Strategy

Identify the results you want to see from your digital marketing. Do you need more customers or do you want to generate additional income from existing customers? Your tactics need be specific to the business goals and the needs of your customers. Make a plan, set time-frames and schedule the activity as MUST DO tasks. Importantly, regularly evaluate your activity and identify successes and areas for improvement. Need help? Click here

Educate yourself and your staff

Digital marketing education is available from numerous sources. There’s a host of free information on sites like digitalmarketer.com and hootsuite.com. You can also invest in certification training for you and your staff or hire digital marketing specialists to develop strategy and implement tactics reflective of your business path. Check out the courses we recommend. Click here

Publish great content

You are an expert on your business so creating original content is a chance to tell your story, persuade the audience and become an authoritative voice in your field. Look at different types of content strategies including social media posts, blog posts, corporate videos, direct email marketing etc. Make your content engaging, timely and relevant and sell the benefits your customers will receive, both functionally and emotionally. Don’t forget to add links to your site and embed key search words as part of the content to assist search optimisation. Then publish, circulate and promote to start connecting with customers! Need help? Click here


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