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Elevate your brand with creative excellence!

We transform your brand into a visual masterpiece, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. From selling stories to providing animated experiences we will amplify your brand’s narrative and engage your audience like never before. Every project is unique, and we treat it as such. Our solutions are customised to align seamlessly with your brand’s identity and goals.

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Here’s just a few things you can expect:

Creativity at its finest:

Our team of artistic visionaries thrives on pushing creative boundaries, delivering designs and videos that captivate and inspire.

Data-Driven Strategy:

We don’t just create beautiful content; we craft strategies that resonate with your target audience and drive tangible results.

Innovative Solutions:

From eye-catching graphics to compelling video narratives, we’re always at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies.

Multi-Media Mastery:

Whether it’s graphic design, motion graphics, animation, or video production, we’ve got the expertise to make your vision a reality.

Our services include:

Graphic Design:

From logos and branding to web and print materials, our graphic designers breathe life into your visual identity.

Video Content:

Engaging video content that tells your story, from promotional videos to animations.

eCommerce Products:

From product photography to superimposed or photoshopped imagery we have you covered with top-notch solutions.

Why Trust OMG Digital?

Proven Track Record:

We’ve helped countless clients achieve their creative and marketing goals.

Global Reach:

Our creativity knows no boundaries, as we’ve successfully catered to our international clients, providing a diverse perspective.
Bailey Walker (baileydrummer)
Bailey Walker (baileydrummer)
OMG Digital have incredible professionalism and attention to detail. The learnings that I have attained through this digital marketing agency are second to none. Highly recommend if you want to elevate your business!
Sandra Keppler
Sandra Keppler
I highly recommend this local Sunshine Coast marketing agency. OMG Digital helped me to plan and grow a new part of my support services business. The coaching I received from Sonya and marketing support provided by the OMG Digital team was amazing. They really supported me and guided me through every step. Thank you!
Chris Horn
Chris Horn
Zummo Australia have been using the services of OMG for several years now. When we first contacted Sonya for assistance we knew virtually nothing about digital marketing. Our website was broken and without real function. In a short period of time Sonya and her team have helped us to develop a real online presence and our sales have steadily grown. Our website is fixed and functional and our social media presence is growing and attracting more hits which leads to sales and growth in profitability. I, and in fact all of us at Zummo Australia could not recommend Sonya and her team at OMG highly enough.
Wendy Sweet
Wendy Sweet
Navigating the continually changing digital landscape when you have an online business is not only time-consuming, but also, for this Baby-boomer, terrifying! As New Zealand went into lockdown over the past year and international travel changed, so too did I have to 'pivot', taking more of my business advertising and marketing down the rabbit-hole of the internet and social media. I couldn't have done this without the expertise, professionalism and patience of Sonya Keenan and the team at Omnichannel Media Group (O.M.G). Their skill and expertise adds a critical link to the global success of my business, My Menopause Transformation. Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD), Founder, My Menopause Transformation.
Gregory Lamey
Gregory Lamey
Omnichannel Media Group have helped us enormously! O.M.G have a really structured and professional process in place to take our business from where it was to where it is now. I would absolutely recommend Omnichannel Media Group. To have that digital marketing footprint, depending on what business you are in is absolutely vital. I can’t speak highly enough of Sonya and her team. They are available to us, they go above and beyond what we need, they provide training to us, and they explain the digital world. So again, I can’t recommend Sonya and her Team highly enough.

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