Our team proudly produced a compelling promotional video for Private Investigators College of Australasia (PICA), showcasing their exceptional educational programs and professional development opportunities in the field of private investigation. Through meticulous planning and creative execution, we effectively created a quick and affordable marketing video without the need of photoshoots. Read more about how we managed the creative process, delivered the content and how we can help you:


The video was for an upcoming careers expo to promote their courses where it needed to attract the attention of passing onlookers. This job required a fast turnaround, a low budget, with no time for a photoshoot or video production.


The video was aimed at school leavers and/or high school students which meant the video had to be trendy, creative with the latest music to capture their attention.

Creative Process:

Our graphic designer and client relations manager met with the client to map out their vision. The team provided a number of different videos and imagery examples to help encapsulate what would be most attractive to the target audience. From here our graphic designer drew a storyboard based on what was said in the meeting to illustrate what the video would look like scene-by-scene. 


Our highly creative and talented graphic designer drew the below storyboard. We find this is one of the best ways to show our clients what each scene of the video will look like. Additionally, it also provides an opportunity for the client to make amendments if required before we start to create the video. Once the client approved the storyboard, our team started creating the video.

  1.          2.

Time spent:

As mentioned earlier, this job required a fast turnaround and so the total time spent from start to finish can be seen below:

  • 30 minutes – creative team brainstorm/research examples for client briefing
  • 30 minutes – briefing with client
  • 12 hours total to build video from start to finish including changes

The End Result:

We think it’s pretty cool, and we hope you do too! 

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