The Digital Marketing world is being taken over by robots, or is it?  Creative teams were made up of humans, but with Artificial Intelligence taking a place at the table, who will win the battle? Or is there room for both?  Let’s talk about this very on-trend topic.

Is there a creative battle on the digital marketing stage?  Will human creativity win over Artificial Intelligence? Read more at OMG Digital.  

AI is here to stay, but will that be in place of creativity?

Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades but has only recently become an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. From playing chess with an online AI opponent to AI artworks being displayed in world class art museums, this technological movement has grown significantly in the last couple of years. But is it helping or hurting artists?

Today, we find ourselves in a time where Artificial Intelligence has established its presence and is destined to remain. Artists’ opinions on AI vary, with most understanding the detrimental effects it can have on creativity and individualism, but some still remain blinded by the ‘convenient’ offerings of Artificial Intelligent.

So without going too far down the Matrix or Terminator rabbit-holes, what’s the real problem here?

Most AI programs heavily plagiarise artists’ work without consent or compensation. This is effectively stealing money from small artists and commissions, devaluing their work and making it a cookie cutter activity. In a world filled with copyright lawsuits, this sets a dangerous precedent on what art may soon be reduced to.

When it comes to AI and graphic design/graphic art, the value between the two is becoming increasingly blurred. This is detrimental, as it could lead to the diminishing of human creativity and the loss of jobs in the graphic design industry. AI-generated designs can be produced quickly and cheaply, but often lack originality and soul. Not to mention the unattractive and inaccurate results most AI generators produce.

Watch how we proved this point ourselves in-house.

As AI becomes more advanced, it is likely that it will become even more difficult to distinguish between AI-generated designs and those created by humans. This could lead to a situation where AI-generated designs are seen as the norm, and human-generated designs are seen as being imperfect and  inferior. This would be a negative development for not only the graphic design industry but the arts as a whole.

Although AI Art is all supposedly different, after a while, it does all tend to look somewhat the same… Most AI art produces a ‘fake, glossy, high definition’ look along with it. This can be attributed to the programming as much as the prompts that are typed into it. In contrast, the best part of a human being with a creative mind is the sheer imperfection and originality that is bred in all their work innately. Isn’t that what art is all about?

Here at OMG Digital we have a team who make sure that your visual branding is the best quality it can be, as we take pride in creating our work originally and creatively.

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