There is no denying that digital disruption is causing havoc to businesses.

 Maybe you feel like it is too hard and why bother? Especially when competition continues to increase, and marketing becomes more expensive year after year.

You can succeed even though platforms and algorithms keep changing. The question is:

Will you press ‘refresh’ on your marketing strategy?

If you don’t want your business to plateau any longer, here are seven changes that experts in Digital Marketing are making this year:

1.Voice search

Consumer adoption of this technology is happening FAST. The global market for voice-assisted speakers grew 187% in the second quarter of 2018. Voice Search Monitor (VSM) is creating data on how people are communicating with these intelligent beings creating new opportunities for brands. Your business can interact with people along the entire customer journey through voice search technology.

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** BTW voice search and a few of the other things on this list might be something for your
to-do list and not something you should rush in to fix right now.



If you don’t have the basics right, there is not much point in optimising for voice search or
advertising on new search engines. By basics, we mean, identifying your customer and your offer.

2. Focus on search engines that are less saturated

There is a lot of competition out there. It is time to diversify and consider new search engines and content types.

Have you considered YouTube?

3. Increase Instagram spend

Our favourite social sharing app has 50 million daily active users and 80% of them follow a business. Instagram shopping and stories are opening up new opportunities for advertising. This is a platform where you can identify how to deliver more personalised experiences as you interact with your customers.

Are you in?

4. Implement objectives for Facebook advertising.

While most of us put our energy into creating the message for advertising, to drive results, your ad campaign needs accurate objectives. Facebook is lining up to sell you targeted traffic, but the ad campaigns need to align with your overall business goals.

For more help, download the Facebook Ad Case Study by the expert Molly Pittman.

5. Increase Google Search Ads

The majority of search result pages include Google ads, and there are over 100 billion Google searches per month. The ads look similar to the regular search results but can be identified by the small word “Ad” in green. This can be great for searchers who are in the market at the moment they see your ad. To use AdWords, businesses create short text ads and bid in an online auction for the keywords they want those ads associated with.

6. Optimise for mobile.

Have you checked your screen time? 52.2% of all traffic globally comes from mobile, so to gain that competitive edge, your mobile search and display campaigns are more important than ever.

This is a given!

7. Maximise every dollar of ad spend

How? By identifying which metrics equate to more customers! The key is not to get ‘hung up’ on surface metrics (cost per conversion, etc.). You can even start building assistive voice-search experiences with the customer data you have now.

Don’t let your business suffer from inaction!

If you feel like your marketing strategy is stalling, here is a free download to identify where you need to focus.

Whatever size your business the pressure is on for predictable profitability. Don’t let the threat of technological disruption and changing market dynamics undermine your confidence.

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